Make certain your message is heard… just the way you intended it.

Interacting with the news media can be exciting. It can even be addictive. And for so many people, the mere prospect of being interviewed by a reporter can be downright terrifying. Too often the tension associated with a media encounter is born of fear we might say the wrong thing, fear we might make matters worse, or even fear of not knowing what to say.

Effective communication with the news media is a learned behavior.

There are simple and effective methods, which you can easily employ to arrive at communications success. But know that employing these methods requires training, simulation and key message development.

A media interview could potentially connect you to hundreds or thousands of readers, or millions and millions of viewers. And a media interview can be invaluable in fostering changes of public perception. The key to success is straightforward: preparation.

With television work seen globally on CNN, CNN International, CBS, ABC and Fox News, and with experience serving as a media spokesperson for state agencies and clients, Ryan is well positioned to understand your message and teach you how to get it across – even in the most hostile of environments. Ryan has provided media training for government and corporate executives; police officers and business owners.

When the message is paramount and you’re losing control, Ryan can bring it back.