The time before a crisis, when your organization is conducting business as usual, should be used to build and test plans, foster increased communication within the organization, and reduce or eliminate risks that could lead to trouble – a great time to build crisis resources and templates. Building traditional and social media communications channels takes months or years of work and engagement with followers or users. It is important to have large audiences before you require them.

Use this time of calm to test plans, obtain media training for your key spokespeople, and improve relationships with stakeholders and internally. If you experience delays in executing normal public-facing tasks or with approvals processes, use this time to strengthen those areas.

Following are documents and resources mentioned in this special blog series you can download in a pinch. The hope here is that these documents will serve in your planning.

This is part of a special blog series, Communicating in Crisis. Find tools, information and resources to better understand crisis.

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