If PR Analytics are Everything, IPv6 is Something You Need to Understand… Now

If PR Analytics are Everything, IPv6 is Something You Need to Understand… Now
As a public relations and marketing practitioner, I’ve spent a year learning about something called IPv6, why it’s necessary and how it could impact everything we do. IPv6 is not new. It’s been planned for decades, but it’s being deployed now. And the impact on analytical and demographic reporting for marketers could be profound, if not ruinous. And that’s just... Read More

3 Questions That Determine If You Need Crisis Communication Help

For businesses or organizations believing they're in crisis communication mode, there are just two outcomes – success or failure. And the failures seem to take on a life of their own, supported by insatiable conversation, usually involving all the wrong people. We’ve seen these communications failures time and time again: Sports franchises. Investment firms. Auto, food and CPG manufacturers. Restaurant chains. Knowing... Read More

The Best iPad Public Relations Apps to Keep You Ahead

The questions are inevitable and they come when we strategists least expect them – “What’s the reach of that Facebook campaign?” Or, “What’s the status of that infographic?” To those we represent, the questions are vital. The answers, and our ability to deliver them quickly, can equate to trust, reputation and whether we’ll land the next project. Staying ahead of... Read More

Forget the Facelift: We Started From Scratch to Re-Launch a Busy Government Website

It hadn’t happened in more than 10 years and was completely overdue, but my team at the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) accomplished the impossible: reinventing and re-launching the agency’s website. It was a near two year project - completed internally without a single vendor - involving every reach of DPH and including direct input from more than 150... Read More

DPH Social Media Earn National Ranking

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) has one of the best social media footprints of any state health department in the U.S., according to a new analysis. MPHProgramsList.com, a public health education advocacy group, included DPH on its list of the Top 45 Most Social Media Friendly State Health Departments for 2013. The department ranks 17th with an overall... Read More

Tweeting Prompts Fat Apology from Southwest Airlines

Known for his film character “Silent Bob,” film director Kevin Smith is now anything but silent. He’s now putting out a call to war among his 1.6 million Twitter followers – and the apparent enemy, Southwest Airlines, is more than listening. It’s Tweeting back. Southwest is now in a race to apologize to Smith after airline staff ejected him from... Read More

The Making of Web 3.0 – A Quest to Make Social Media Truly Relevant

The Twitter feeds were centering on the typical: Someone is dancing, someone is buying a new pair of designer jeans, and someone else is listening to music. And then the music stopped, quite literally replaced by a heart-rattling, violent shaking. Twitter stood still, at least for a moment until the hell-on-earth shaking somewhere began to reach and to touch everywhere.... Read More