Leaving Journalism: 5 Steps to Transition to a New Career

Leaving Journalism: 5 Steps to Transition to a New Career
Considering leaving journalism? I have some thoughts. It’s one of the most iconic slogans of our time – “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” First launched in 1972 by the UNCF to raise scholarship funds for African American students, it’s a mantra that’s always remained with me in my ever-present, insatiable quest to know more. So, of course, I... Read More

A Bailout for Journalism? The New Push to Save Journalism from a Digital Death

It’s happened in the banking industry. It’s happened in the automotive industry. Even the insurance industry. So why does it sound almost absurd to pump massive amounts of federal tax dollars into journalism, to save it? The U.S., after all, has subsidized journalism before. And now two distinguished journalists are suggesting the monetary faucet be turned on again. Or else.... Read More

The Making of Web 3.0 – A Quest to Make Social Media Truly Relevant

The Twitter feeds were centering on the typical: Someone is dancing, someone is buying a new pair of designer jeans, and someone else is listening to music. And then the music stopped, quite literally replaced by a heart-rattling, violent shaking. Twitter stood still, at least for a moment until the hell-on-earth shaking somewhere began to reach and to touch everywhere.... Read More

Media Training? A Note of Caution Before You Hire a Trainer

Interacting with the news media can be exciting. It can even be addictive. And for so many people, the mere prospect of being interviewed by a reporter can be downright terrifying. As an answer, many will turn to media training. Sounds like an excellent idea, right? Yes. But do your homework. Whether it be America’s short attention span or whether... Read More

Not getting the broadcast media’s attention? There’s likely a reason.

No matter what your message, you’ve heard the phrase: “a minute on television is worth its weight in gold.” For many communications professionals this gold standard of communication seems a lofty goal at best. Either there are insufficient funds to purchase time on television or we just couldn’t imagine our message being of any interest to a news reporter in... Read More