Special Blog Series: Communicating in Crisis – Crisis Resources and Templates

Special Blog Series: Communicating in Crisis - Crisis Resources and Templates
The time before a crisis, when your organization is conducting business as usual, should be used to build and test plans, foster increased communication within the organization, and reduce or eliminate risks that could lead to trouble - a great time to build crisis resources and templates. Building traditional and social media communications channels takes months or years of work and engagement... Read More

A PR Win: How Delta Air Lines Answered the Disruptive Storms

A PR Win: How Delta Air Lines Answered the Disruptive Storms
I've a long held affinity for Delta Air Lines. Maybe because Delta is Atlanta's hometown airline. Maybe because I fly Delta regularly. Or, quite possibly, because Delta always gets it right... or, in this case, makes it right. When storms crippled Delta's operations across the U.S. last week, leaving planes and flight crews out of position, Delta's ground-stop nightmare soon became... Read More

Three Reasons Public Relations Agencies Charge Retainer Hours

Fees for pubic relations services just might be the most examined – and complained about – part of a PR professional services agreement, especially when considering retainer hours. This reality is more prevalent in AOR, or Agency of Record, agreements. While we PR practitioners always expect to be paid, we must not forget our clients expect to know what they’re... Read More

3 Questions That Determine If You Need Crisis Communication Help

For businesses or organizations believing they're in crisis communication mode, there are just two outcomes – success or failure. And the failures seem to take on a life of their own, supported by insatiable conversation, usually involving all the wrong people. We’ve seen these communications failures time and time again: Sports franchises. Investment firms. Auto, food and CPG manufacturers. Restaurant chains. Knowing... Read More

Missed an Appointment? Blame Apple and its Faulty iOS 8?

It was perhaps the most important appointment in 14 years of consulting: a multi-million dollar government contractor whose in-charge leaders required my skill in navigating the tumultuous sea of federal government approvals. The contractor set the appointment. I accepted it. And I nearly missed it. “Hello, are you coming to our 1 p.m. meeting?” asked the contractor’s representative at 1:05.... Read More

Video Production Studio Becomes a Reality

With video increasingly supplanting traditional web content so rapidly, it was clear we needed to make a move at the Georgia Department of Public Health. After 18 months of planning, my pipe dream became a reality. “Stand-by. We’re on in 30 seconds,” a staffer from my division of communications announced to those gathered, marking the inauguration of our new broadcast... Read More

Seven National Awards Presented to DPH Communications

For the third consecutive year, communications campaigns within the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) earned national recognition from the CDC's National Public Health Information Coalition, or NPHIC. DPH’s division of communications, which I'm honored to lead, won seven Awards of Excellence for projects ranging from social marketing and media relations, to the department-wide launch of the agency’s new website.... Read More